Squatting 0 to 100 Kilograms in 100 Days

Here’s my trainee Anoop squatting 100 kilograms x 5 repetitions. He’s gone from 0 to 100 kilograms in 100 days.

At our first meeting I introduced our strength training program barbell lifts (www.barbelllifts.com) to Anoop. I told him an interesting fact about lifting heavy weights. I told him how all men and women have the ability to progressively lift as much as their own weight, and even more, if they have the interest in becoming their strongest. I also shared with him the information of how intelligently designed strength training program improves all physiological functions. There is no other methodology that can make you the strongest and simultenously the healthiest version of yourself.

Having poor experiences with training at other gyms, the information of squatting as much as his own body weight and more came to him as a surprise. However, in spite of his poor experiences with strength training, he kept an open mind and agreed to give Barbell Lifts program a try. 

He asked to undergo 3 sessions of coaching before deciding if he wanted to commit to a long term program. I agreed, and so we fixed his first training session. In three sessions I had to convince him that adequate stress, followed by adequate recovery, results in improved performance. And that efficient lifting technique can improve the ability to lift heavy. As coaches we have the responsibility of educating and imparting unbiased training advice, and this is what I stuck to. So did all of this help? Yes indeed!

What he achieved during this period can be seen in the present day progress in this video. He appreciates our training methodology and is amazed with his progress with 100 kilograms squats. Btw, the title of this article was exactly what Anoop said to me while we were discussing his progress. He was pleased to make it known to me that he achieved the 100 kilograms squats in 100 days. It was an interesting fact that I missed, he actually squatted from 0 to 100 in 100 days and also gave me the most appropriate title for this article in the process.

If you want to achieve your strength potential, make sure you are serious about your training. Give priority to the lifting technique and programming. There are many resources out there if you want to achieve it by yourself. However, if you want efficiency with your training, work with an experienced strength coach: one who focuses on improving the weight on the bar while still making it safe with the most optimum lifting technique. And if you want me to coach you, I’ll be ever willing.

Stay Strong, Stay Healthy!

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