Training Program

Calburn Training  Program is aimed at guiding you to improve the quality of your life with physical training and nutritional guidance. This Training Program is the most optimal program that is a result of our cumulative experiences coaching people based on hard science, human physiology and anatomy. This program is not for those who are looking for quick results but for those who are ready to commit to attaining long-term good health.

Nutrition Program

Calburn Nutrition Program is the product of continuous study of nutrition science, extensive research and a decade of experience with clients’ lifestyles. With the Calburn Nutrition Program we aim to shed light on the existing mess: the trendy diets, the confusing information, the quick-fix plans and the misleading before and after images. This program intends to educate people who are ready to make a change and who want something...

Rehabilitation Program

Through Calburn Rehabilitation Program we introduce incremental increase of exercise stimulus for the healing process. Our rehabilitation program is based on physiological as well as psychological aspect of training. This program addresses the anxiety and fear of re-injury that accompanies post-surgery/post-injury. Your psychological reactions to the rehabilitation process lies in the central nervous system...


We understand the functions of the human body

At Calburn we understand the functioning of the human body. We’ve studied human anatomy and physiology and also kinesiology, and know how exercise helps attain normal blood pressure and maintain normal blood glucose.

Calburn turns 10

Calburn completed 10 years in January 2022 and we have helped clients who were diagnosed with hypertension, diabetes, osteoarthritis, spondylosis, and those who have undergone hip replacements and  knee replacements, survived CVAs (stroke)  and MIs (heart attack), and those with poor nutrition, excess body fat, muscle loss, etc.


Want to discuss your health concerns/goals?

If you want to discuss your health concerns/goals or want more details about the training and nutrition programs, feel free to ask any questions you might have.