Through Calburn Rehabilitation Program we introduce incremental increase of exercise stimulus for the healing process. Our rehabilitation program is based on physiological as well as psychological aspect of training. This program addresses the anxiety and fear of re-injury that accompanies post-surgery/post-injury. Your psychological reactions to the rehabilitation process lies in the central nervous system, which responds to stimulus by instructing the affected area to protect against further injury. Only appropriate exercise stimulus can overcome this neurological barrier for normal muscle/joint function. Calburn Rehabilitation Program covers all physiological and psychological responses to stimulus.

Calburn Rehabilitation Program is designed by Coach Macedonio Fernandes as a result of  his cumulative experiences training people based on hard science, human physiology and anatomy. His vast experience includes coaching individuals with hypertension, diabetes, osteoarthritis, spondylosis, and also those who have undergone hip replacements and  knee replacements, spinal surgeries, survived CVAs (stroke)  and MIs (heart attack) and athletes who've undergone ACL reconstruction and other sports related injuries. Every individual who has been on this program has recovered and is back to normal.

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