Calburn Health Project – The Nutrition Program

The Nutrition Program under Calburn Health Project is the product of continuous study of nutrition science, extensive research and a decade of experience with clients’ lifestyles.

Our approach

  • Understand your lifestyle by tracking your daily nutrition habits, rest patterns and exercise/ work schedules.
  • Make changes to your existing nutritional pattern, rather than making you follow something that doesn’t suit your body.
  • Give you all the nutritional information you need to lose excess fat and maintain good health.
  • Nutrition recommendations based on your lifestyle: work, leisure, rest, travel, etc.

With the Calburn Nutrition Program we aim to shed light on the existing mess: the trendy diets, the confusing information, the quick-fix plans and the misleading before and after images.

This program intends to educate people who are ready to make a change and who want something more than just another trendy diet plan.

This nutrition program is most easily applicable to any lifestyle and is trusted by real people; from the average person exercising for good health, to elite athletes and individuals who want to eat better.

What do we look at while preparing your nutrition recommendations?

  • Your age;
  • Your gender;
  • Your body type;
  • Your daily physical exertion levels and exercise;
  • Your nutritional preferences and exclusions;
  • Poor eating habits due to mental stress;
  • Fast food eating habits due to convenience;
  • Eating timings;
  • Rest/sleep patterns;
  • Health limitations;
  • Knowledge of nutrition.

Are you ready to make positive changes to your body and health?
If your answer is yes, feel free to contact us.