Calburn Fitness Solutions is an initiative to help people become healthy. We offer a one-on-one coaching service to those who want to attain good health. Through the Calburn Physical Training Program we educate clients on what is correct and what is not from a health stand point.

Contrary to popular belief, being thin doesn’t automatically mean being healthy. With the commercialization of the fitness industry, exercise equipment, weight loss products, quick transformations, fad diets, six-pack-ab routines, celebrity endorsements, etc. have replaced the correct way of achieving good health, even for the educated.

We want to help people get fit scientifically, addressing their health concerns and teaching them the right way to become healthy. At Calburn we understand the functioning of the human body. We’ve studied human anatomy and physiology and also kinesiology, and know how exercise helps attain normal blood pressure and maintain normal blood glucose. In fact we are proud that Calburn Fitness Solutions completed 5 years January 2017 and we have helped clients who were diagnosed with hypertension, diabetes, osteoarthritis, spondylosis, and those who have undergone hip replacements and  knee replacements, survived CVAs (stroke)  and MIs (heart attack), and those with poor nutrition, excess body fat, muscle loss, etc.

Meet the team

Macedonio Fernandes

Founder , Owner & Coach

Macedonio started ‘working out’ at the age of 16. He  didn’t know he would someday be a health coach. There were many factors that led him to this profession. He had to give up football in his youth because of an injury. There was no one to advise him, and he failed the selection round when he attempted to join the next level team. However, one of the main reasons was his father’s death due to MI (heart attack) at 50, and his mother’s deteriorating health that followed that.